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Ruby world cups and cup life

Stacey Waaka is an incredibly talented sportsWoman and we  were stoked to hear about her new found love for hoo haa cups. we are also incredibly inspired by how many world cups she has won with the black ferns for new zealand.

Black Fern since 2015 and selected for the Black Fern Sevens since 2016

2016 Junior Maori Sportswoman of the Year

Gold medal rugby sevens at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

World champions at the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco

World champions at the 2017 Rugby World Cup in Ireland

Why did you want to try the Hoo Haa Cup?​

I wanted to try the cup for many reasons - the health benefits for my body without toxic tampons inside of me, the benefits for our environment and minimising waste in the world, personal benefits and convenience in terms of only having to change the cup once in the morning and at night instead of every 2-4 hours with a tampon or pad, it is extremely cost effective as it lasts for quite a long time without having to spend lots of money on tampons every month, and I heard they were very comfortable in which I have experienced so far not even knowing the cup is inside of me.

Would you say you're converted to being a lifelong cup user?

I am definitely a cup user for life now! I LOVE IT!

With the grueling training and physical contact that comes with playing rugby, has the cup met your expectations to allow you to perform at the highest level in your sport?

I 100% believe it has met my physical activity expectations. It is convenient in the sense that I do not have to change it straight after each training, it is clean and doesn't smell like pads or tampons, and I train with it not even knowing the cup is inside of me which is definitely a bonus! #ComfortIsKey

Did it take you long to get used to using the cup?

It did take a few times to get use to putting it in and taking it out but just like learning anything new it takes time to find your comfort. I was really scared and nervous at first but now I have found my technique and how to use it properly.

What would you say to other athletes or young girls considering making the switch to the Hoo Haa Cup?

Please understand that the cup will never go too high up inside of your body so when you put the cup in do not be afraid to push it right up. With the correct technique and many practices you will know when it is in properly and find different techniques to take it out also.

What do you love most about using your Hoo Haa menstrual cup?

I love not having to worry about the constant changes throughout the day. It is one less thing to do in the day which is definitely of high convenience when we have busy lifestyles to run.

Do you have anything else you want to add that you'd like people to know before trying the cup out...?  

If you have not tried a menstrual cup then do it ASAP! It is life changing and so much cleaner and easier than pads or tampons. I wish I knew about the Hoo Haa Cup earlier as it is so amazing and practical to use!