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Hoo Haa Cup size guide

Keeping it simple

There are two sizes to choose from when purchasing your Hoo Haa Cup. 

Size Small is recommended for women who haven't given birth or are under the age of 30.

Size Large is recommended for women who have given birth or are over the age of 30.

However, despite these recommendations it does not mean that you can't use a large if you haven't had children and vice versa. It often depends on your flow and your pelvic floor muscles as to whether you might prefer a large or small. You may prefer to use the large on heavier days and the small on lighter days. The stem can be trimmed to desired length to suit your body, just be very careful not to cut too close to the cup base that you cut through to the inside of the cup.

Size Small 
  • Length (without stem) - 5 cm
  • Stem length - 2 cm
  • Full length - 7 cm
  • Max volume to rim - 18 ml

    Size Large

    • Length (without stem) - 5.5 cm
    • Stem length - 2 cm
    • Full length - 7.5 cm
    • Max volume to rim - 28 ml